fox@fury is for sale
Wednesday, Jul 19, 2017

Twenty-two years ago I registered to be my home on the Internet, my online identity. Early on it was home to one of the 100 most popular blogs on the Internet but over the decades my creative forces have moved from direct textual exposition via blog to creating products that bring joy and utility to people without a direct tie to my own online brand.

Every week I get a solicitation from someone wanting to buy the domain and every week I send the ‘Sorry it’s not for sale’ canned response. Nostalgia grants a high value on the intangible and I’m a sentimentalist.

Nevertheless, as an optimist I strive to look forward with passion and back with fondness, and the time has come where selling would enable me to make-real several new projects clamoring in my head, bursting to emerge.

I’m listing the domain for sale at $2.2 million USD. If you’re interested in buying the domain please contact me at .

I don’t expect the domain to sell right away, but would be a gem for the right organization and it’s time that I have a better answer for those inquiring than a boilerplate ‘not for sale’.

Selling will be the end of an era for me, but the start of another, and I am always looking forward.


Hi, I'm Kevin Fox.
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I'm co-founder in
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The Imp is a computer and wi-fi connection smaller and cheaper than a memory card.

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I've led design at Mozilla Labs, designed Gmail 1.0, Google Reader 2.0, FriendFeed, and a few special projects at Facebook.

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